Whistler Peas | A winter crop with many uses

High Protein Forage

Whistler peas are white flowered with a very low anthocyanin content (the reddish purple color on flowers, leaves, and stems). Studies have shown that the lower the anthocyanin content, the higher the palatability of the forage. The old variety Austrian winter peas are purple flowered, and have a high anthycyanin content. Sweeter feed means higher intake, higher weight gain, and more profits.

Blends / Mixtures

It is common to blend several verieties or mix several species together to get complementary performance within teh blend. Whistler winter peas are excellent in blends with other peas. Being a winter hardy, semi-leafless pea matches perfectly with spring peas for a quick fall forage, and with standard pea varieties that have a tendency to lodge and lose forage quality.

Mixing Whistler winter peas with cereals such as oats, wheat, rye, or triticale, you will be adding palatability and high quality protein to your forage. The nitrogen fixing capacity of the peas will be complementary to the cereal forage production.

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